Meet the Cars from the Movie “Cars”

Meet the Cars from the Movie “Cars”

Cars is a favourite animation film among a lot of people; people of all ages. In this article, we introduce you to the cars form the movie. Enjoy!

Meet the Cars from the Movie Cars
Meet the Cars from the Movie Cars

Lightning McQueen

Lightning McQueen is like the star of this movie and is the first car that all kids recognise. However, recognising him is a bit difficult. This is because at some point, he changes cars and colours. That’s the thing with McQueen; he is not really based on just one car. In fact, he is always changing car models.

Explaining why the character changes cars like that, one of the film’s production designers, Bob Pauley, says that they had to take the best of their favourite things. He said throughout the sketching process, they had to take everything from the GT40s to Chargers. That is how they came up with what the character looks like. 

However, we are sure that you have already noticed that some of the most recognisable design choices for Lightning McQueen are inspired by the Chevrolet Corvette C6.


This character is Lighting McQueen’s best friend. Therefore, he makes sure that he is always by his side, no matter what. We are sure you have noticed that when it comes to Mater, his exterior always looks like it needs a little bit of work. In fact, it is beaten and battered. 

It really looks like the way he looks is influenced by a tow truck from the American manufacturer, International Harvester. To give the character a unique look, the production designers had to add on other design elements from a Chevrolet truck from the 50s. This is how Mater manages to get that iconic look that he has throughout all of the 3 films.

Doc Hudson

Doc Hudson is Lightning McQueen’s mentor. Of course, McQueen is a natural racer, but he had to learn a lot from Doc. In fact, Doc taught McQueen all he knows about combining those natural racing skills with a lot of discipline. 

Paul Newman, who voiced Doc Hudson’s voice, passed away between the first two Cars films. Therefore, you will find that in Cars 3, much of the narrative is actually dedicated to the memory of both Doc Hudson and Paul Newman. 

Doc also happens to be a homage to the iconic Fabulous Hudson Hornet. For those that don’t know, this happens to be one of the most popular NASCAR stock cars in sports history.

Sally Carrera

Sally and McQueen are a couple. However, it wasn’t always like that. In fact, Sally was once McQueen’s defence attorney. Just from her name, we are sure you know what type of a car Sally is based on; a 996-series Porsche 911 Carrera. If you have played Need for Speed Porsche before, then you have already seen this car a million times.

At one time, in the film, Sally is actually asked what a car like her is doing in Radiator Springs, a quaint little town. She goes on to explain that Radiator Springs has such rich history that it makes her want to call it home.


McQueen relies on Luigi during his races. At first, Luigi was the owner of a tire shop before joining Queen’s pit crew, together with his forklift buddy, Guido. Luigi looks like a Fiat 500.

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